CHILDREN'S OWN SCHOOL A Montessori tradition since 1942
CHILDREN'S OWN SCHOOLA Montessori tradition since 1942

French, Music, and Art

“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.”  Maria Montessori

Covid-19 restrictions prohibit our specialist classes in 2020-21. We hope to reinstate French and music classes when school operations return to normal. 


In addition to classroom musical experiences with tone, pitch, and key, our music specialist provides weekly classes to all children. Singing, dancing and creative movement are part of the weekly curriculum. Children perform for each other and families several times a year, building community through song and the expressive arts.



Each week children participate in a French immersion experience with our language specialist. Vocabulary, culture, and traditions are taught through games, singing, and storytelling.  Children during their first two years are absorbing receptive language and during the third year their expressive language blossoms.



Children engage in art experiences daily in the classroom using paint, clay, collage and colored pencils. Once children have been given preliminary experiences with these mediums, they are able to participate in art enrichment in the pavilion. Printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media are just some of the opportunities presented during the school year.

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